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Best Scents for Mood Improvement: Lemon & More

Best Scents for Mood Improvement: Lemon & More

Do you sometimes ask yourself, "How can I lift my mood?"

At some point, everyone has that moment when they wish they could do something to get rid of a mood that's dragging them down. This is a normal part of life. But you don't have to be stuck in a bad or melancholy mood. There are simple ways to improve your state of mind, and one of them is aromatherapy. Studies of fragrant essential oils show that a certain group of mood-enhancing scents can have a positive effect on how you feel.

So, the next time you're feeling down in the dumps, fatigued or uninspired, you can refer to the following list of scents and their effects on emotions to find quick and satisfying mood boosters.


Cinnamon is a popular spice that you are probably very familiar with. In fact, you may enjoy this spice sprinkled on eggnog or oatmeal, or as a flavorful ingredient for delicious baked goods such as cinnamon rolls. In addition to being tasty, it's quite aromatic and contains properties that can support you focusing better. It's also useful for helping you with managing mental fatigue, and a cinnamon-infused candle can help keep you alert for important tasks.


Whether you like drinking it hot or cold, there's no denying that coffee is one of the most popular ways to awaken the mind and senses. Many people also love the smell of coffee, and studies show that its aroma can actually help you feel less stressed. Feeling frazzled? Skip the coffee in a cup and choose coffee in a candle.


While it may seem like it was only popular in ancient times, this aromatic oil, extracted from tree bark is still used today for aromatherapy, incense, candles and some perfumes. It smells sweet and woody with a hint of lemony citrus. For centuries, frankincense has been coveted for its ability to induce a feeling of relaxation.


This popular floral essential oil has an aromatic blend that is sweet, fruity and a tad bit musky, making it an appealing unisex fragrance. As for its effect on mood, it can spark feelings of self-confidence, optimism and enhance performance. This jasmine candle is here to get you feeling pumped up and ready to face any challenge.


This aroma is familiar to many people who find it relaxing. Whenever you're feeling blue, stressed out or tense, the aroma of lavender can bring soothing relief.


When you experience brain fog or feel like you're overwhelmed by stress, the citrus aroma of lemon can help you focus and make you feel uplifted. A candle that smells like lemonade may be the mood booster you need.


The refreshing aroma of peppermint is a way to clear away brain fog, gain improved mental clarity while supporting better concentration. A few drops of peppermint oil added to a diffuser or to a carrier oil is all it takes.


In addition to being a common seasoning, aromatic rosemary can energize you mentally and physically. Combining it with woodsy scents helps make it a soothing retreat in a candle, wax melt and more.