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Halloween Candles

Halloween Candles-Goose Creek Candle

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 We have a wide array of colors to choose from among our popular large candle jars adorned with festive images. If you're wondering which ones to choose for Halloween, we've got some great ideas for you.

Each year, we offer up some scarily good Halloween scents to explore. You'll want to have these candles on display by the end of September to set the mood and lengthen your enjoyment of them. Start with our double-wick Halloween candle jars adorned with the Halloween images they represent. Colors depend on the Halloween scents inside. Expect to find colors such as orange, red, black, purple, blue, grey and white with a few other colors representing various goodies.

Classic Halloween candle themes include witches, ghosts, black cats, dubious elixirs, spider webs, pumpkins and trick-or-treaters. You may also spot traditional favorites like Candy Corn or Pumpkin Patch, featuring fragrant notes that stir fond memories of Halloween’s past.

Pumpkin Candles
If you're a fan of pumpkin decorations and scents, Goose Creek has exactly the candles and wax melts for you. Our popular pumpkin candles and waxes make great decorations and leave your home smelling wonderful. White Pumpkin offers a unique take on the traditional brown and orange pumpkin hues, combining the pumpkin scent with fresh cinnamon and ginger, plus brown sugar and caramel.

Fall Candles
If you're not a big Halloween or pumpkin fan, or maybe you simply seek candles you can leave out a bit longer, check out Goose Creek's fall candle collection. These candles are perfect for September, Halloween and even into November. Try jar candles that combines the smell of autumn leaves with notes that take you right back to the first football game of the season.  You might also like one of our deliciously fragranced apple candles or go for a more outdoorsy smell.