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  1. Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle Lush Shower Gel

Our top-quality candles feature a variety of sweet and savory takes on the classic pumpkin fragrance. You’ll love being able to infuse your home with such a rich, relaxing scent throughout the fall season. And, if you still crave that delicious aroma at other times of the year, you’ll be able to experience them just like you were in the thick of autumn when you burn one of our premium scented candles from this collection.

Pure Pumpkin Scent
Enjoying the authentic aroma of pumpkin is easy when you use these Goose Creek candles. While other brands may produce overly spiced smells that don’t quite smell like the real thing, we’re proud of our authentic, clean-burning scents that provide a realistic pumpkin fragrance. Our candles and wax melts offer unique ways to incorporate this delightful aroma throughout your home. The authentic fragrance of delicious pumpkin will start to waft through the room almost immediately to bring that warm and cozy scent into your space.

Safe for Your Home
Goose Creek’s scented candles are safe for your home thanks to our commitment to never use harmful or banned chemicals in our ingredients. We also design and create our own fragrances, all of which are IFRA approved, and we use lead-free, 100 percent cotton wicks. Our candles are proudly made in the U.S. and burn cleanly and evenly right down to the bottom for the optimal fragrance experience. These high-quality products won’t emit a smoky smell or leave black residue on ceilings or walls. Choose from this selection of pumpkin candles at Goose Creek to enjoy potent, pleasant aromas in your home.