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Room Sprays

Room Sprays

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  1. Lavender Vanilla Room Spray
  2. Sunday Drive Room Spray
  3. Welcome Home Room Spray
  4. Warm Donut Sugar Room Spray
  5. Tropical Daydream Room Spray
  6. Red, White & Blue Room Spray
  7. White Pine Lake Room Spray
  8. Mineral Springs & Aloe Room Spray
  9. Maple Butter Room Spray
  10. Grape Soda Room Spray
  11. Marshmallow Sugar Room Spray
  12. Cliffside Sea Spray Room Spray
  13. Strawberry Sponge Cake Room Spray
  14. Mahogany Driftwood Room Spray
  15. Cotton Candy Room Spray
  16. Old Time Lemonade Room Spray
  17. Eucalyptus Rain Drops Room Spray
  18. Dragonfruit Splash Room Spray
  19. Cotton Vanilla Breeze Room Spray
  20. Burlwood & Oak Room Spray
  21. Blueberry Cheesecake Room Spray
  22. Watermelon Lemonade Room Spray
  23. Warm & Welcome Room Spray
  24. Vanilla Bean Room Spray
  25. Soothing Coconut Room Spray
  26. Pina Colada Room Spray
  27. Island Bliss Room Spray
  28. Cool Rain Drops Room Spray
  29. Minted Eucalyptus Room Spray
  30. Macintosh Apple Room Spray
  31. Exhilarating Pineapple Room Spray

Quick & Effective
Do you have guests due to arrive at your home any minute? Have you come home from a long day at work and the house feels a little stuffy? In these and other common situations, you can use Goose Creek room fresheners to add an inviting aroma to any space. Use one as a bathroom spray to keep the powder room smelling fresh. Keep one in the kitchen to use as a room deodorizer after cooking a fragrant meal. Spritz your favorite calming scent in the bedroom right before you drift off to sleep. Our room sprays are versatile enough to be used in any room, and with up to 300 sprays per bottle, you’ll rarely have to replace these air fresheners.

A Flameless Alternative
At Goose Creek, we’re best known for our premium scented candles. But when you want a lovely aroma in a room without having to light a match, just use one of our room sprays instead. You’ll never have to remember to blow out the wick or keep a lit candle away from kids and pets. Goose Creek room spray fragrances are just as delightful and powerful as those in our candles, and being able to spray them at any time gives you full control over the scent in your home. Shop now to find your favorite fragrances in our collection of flameless room deodorizers.