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  1. Gray Electric Plug-in Unit
  2. Day at Sea - Scented Plug-in Refill
  3. Limoncello Plug-in Refill
  4. Macintosh Apple Plug-in Refill
  5. Mahogany Driftwood Plug-in Refill
  6. Minted Eucalyptus Plug-in Refill
  7. Soft Linen Breeze Plug-in Refill
  8. Strawberry Sponge Cake Plug-in Refill
  9. Watermelon Lemonade Plug-in Refill
  10. Old Time Lemonade Plug-in Refill
  11. Sweet Banana Bread Plug-in Refill
  12. Sunset Sparkle Plug-in Refill
  13. Summer Moon Plug-in Refill
  14. Iced Sugar Cookie Plug-in Refill
  15. Burlwood & Oak Plug-in Refill
  16. Tropical Daydream Plug-in Refill
  17. Dragonfruit Splash Plug-in Refill
  18. Staying Home Plug-in Refill
  19. Storm Front Plug-in Refill
  20. Blood Orange Plug-in Refill
  21. Apple Pom Twister Plug-in Refill
  22. Warm & Welcome Plug-in Refill
  23. Volcanic Sunrise Plug-in Refill
  24. Sugared Donut Plug-in Refill
  25. Plaid Button-Up Plug-in Refill
  26. Exhilarating Pineapple Plug-in Refill
  27. Marshmallow Sugar Plug-in Refill
  28. Blueberry Cheesecake Plug-in Refill
  29. Sugared Lemon Plug-in Refill
  30. Cool Rain Drops Plug-in Refill
  31. Island Bliss - Scented Plug-in Refill
  32. Cliffside Sea Spray Plug-in Refill

Choose from a wide range of sublime scents to get the perfect fit for each room. From the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen, any room can benefit from the lovely aromas provided by this simple plug-in air fresheners. Browse the full collection of plug-ins and refills at Goose Creek to find all the fragrances you need to make your house feel more like a home.

Month-Long Fragrances
Lighting one of our popular Goose Creek candles is a great way to add a charming aroma to any room. But if you want a constant scent that doesn’t develop only on demand, order some of the scented wall plug-ins featured in this collection. The fragrance spreads slowly through the room each day to deliver a subtle yet noticeable scent that makes the space more enjoyable to be in. Each refill lasts up to 30 days, so it’s a hassle-free option for keeping your home smelling lovely day after day.

Fabulous Fragrances
As with our candles, these fragrance plug-ins come in a wide range of high-quality, authentic aromas that smell just like the real thing. From fresh, fruity smells and floral aromas to those with nature-inspired notes, our plug-in scents span the full range so you can pick the perfect fragrance for each space in your home. Add a refreshing odor to the bathroom and pick an appetizing fragrance for the kitchen. Bedrooms are the perfect place for calming scents, while the living room can feature something invigorating and uplifting. Tailor the mood of each room with these handy scented plug-ins from Goose Creek.