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Body Mists & Sprays

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Cruelty-Free & Vegan Perfume Body Sprays

Body mists and sprays are the best alternative to wearing traditional perfume - not that there's anything wrong with perfume, but it tends to be more concentrated with a heavier scent profile than your average body mist or body spray.

That's why we're pleased to bring you the ultimate collection of Goose Creek Body Mist sprays, created to help you feel refreshed, uplifted and confident as you go about your day!

A Little Spritz for a Big Uplift

Whether you're looking for cruelty-free vegan perfumes (our light body spray fragrances are not tested on animals) or you just want the best scented body spray for women, our long-lasting body spray comes in a wide array of incredible, enlivening scents.

Once you begin collecting these body sprays, you may find that you just can't be without them. Our body mist formula is simple, and the fragrance infused in them is purposefully light so you can decide how much to use: You can spritz our body spray into the air and walk through it for the lightest touch of fragrance, or you can spritz it directly onto your skin for a deeper scent. Either way, it's sure to be a mood booster.

Fun Fragrance Varieties

In our view, wearing a fragrant scented body mist should be fun, so all our body mist spray blends are a blast for the senses. Our blends often include refreshingly fruity notes, like our Hibiscus Fruit Punch or Dragonfruit Splash body spray mists. Or you may get a kick out of smelling like your favorite sweet treat with our Cotton Candy or Marshmallow Waffle Cone body spray mist. Try several of our body mist sprays to maximize your fragrance options!