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Single Wick Candles

Single Wick Candles

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  1. Dazzling Popcorn 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  2. Egg Nog Icing 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  3. Waffles & Ice Cream 7oz Single Wick Candle
  4. Warm Crunchy Cone 7oz Single Wick Candle
  5. Evening Crafts 7oz Single Wick Candle
  6. Rustic Leaves 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  7. Snuggle with Me 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  8. Morning Mist 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  9. Apple Gathering 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  10. Autumn Wreath 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  11. Sugared Donut 7oz Single Wick Candle
  12. Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  13. Warm Donut Sugar 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  14. First Day of Autumn 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  15. Toasty Hot Toddy 7oz Single Wick Candle
  16. Carnival Apple 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  17. Caramel Apple Lane 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  18. Campfire Marshmallow 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  19. Village Pumpkin Festival 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  20. Cider House Donut 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  21. This is Autumn 7oz Candle - Goose Creek Candle
  22. Chilly Rain Showers 7oz Single Wick Candle
  23. Cliffside Sea Spray 7oz Single Wick Candle
  24. Burlwood & Oak 7oz Single Wick Candle
  25. Staying Home 7oz Single Wick Candle
  26. Wild Green Apple 7oz Single Wick Candle
  27. Eucalyptus Rain Drops 7oz Single Wick Candle
  28. Blueberry Cheesecake 7oz Single Wick Candle
  29. Cotton Vanilla Breeze 7oz Single Wick Candle
  30. Strawberry Sponge Cake 7oz Single Wick Candle
  31. Watermelon Lemonade 7oz Single Wick Candle
  32. Hibiscus Fruit Punch 7oz Single Wick Candle

Scents and Sizes for Every Occasion

These pint-sized, 7 oz. small candles pack an aromatic punch with beautiful scents that you know and love from Goose Creek. Choose your favorites. Do you like fresh-scented candles or floral candles? What about light, summer-scented candles that fill your spaces with warmth and fun? Whatever effect you're looking for, our 7 oz. candles are guaranteed to help you achieve it.

In addition to making sure that our small candles are big on scent, we've made a commitment to creating candles that are clean burning, lead-free and made in the U.S. These soy blend tumbler candles have a single wick and burn up to 45 hours each. Shop by your preferred fragrance types, which include Gourmand and Edible scents, Fresh, Floral and Fruity scents.

Enjoy More Fragrances with Small Candles

The 7 oz. candle is Goose Creek's tumbler size, and we think that it's the perfect size for those who enjoy exploring a wide variety of different fragrances. Since it's a given that our small candles burn for up to 45 hours on average, you can get quite a bit of aromatic pleasure from each jar. But you may want to collect as many as possible so you can try out new and exciting fragrances and take your time burning your all-time favorites. If that's your plan, it's a good one, because you can store a whole lot of our mini tumbler candles in storage cabinets or on shelves. You may even want to buy two or three of the same candle scent to ensure you have that scent around when you're ready to enjoy it.

The 7 oz. Candle Jar Makes a Great Gift

Never run out of great gift ideas when you decide to gift someone with a 7 oz. birthday candle, Christmas candle or special occasion candle. We offer fragrance blends for everyone in your life who enjoys receiving candle gifts.

The Goose Creek Difference

At Goose Creek, we strive to bring you high-quality, long-lasting scented products. This commitment to your safety extends to our body care products which are BPA- and paraben-free. When making our candles, we use all-natural ingredients that you can trust to burn clean. Goose Creek is America's best candle for a reason! Check us out and see what makes us stand out from the rest.