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Bedtime Stories: Repeat Nightly - Goose Creek Candle

Bedtime Stories: Repeat Nightly

There is nothing sweeter than nighttime rituals with your children. Two of my girls are in college, and my 12 year old is long past the, “Read me a story before I go to bed” stage. I miss those days. How many times did I read “Goodnight Moon” or the “Olivia” books—at least 1,000 times! ...
Marshmallows: Best Food Personality Award - Goose Creek Candle

Marshmallows: Best Food Personality Award

If best personality awards were given to foods, marshmallows would win the prize every time. Marshmallows are little bites of happy goodness that are loved by both young and old. Over 2,000 years ago, the Egyptians discovered a mysterious plant. This plant contained a sweet sappy subst...
How to Make Scented Candles – DIY Candles - Goose Creek Candle

How to Make Scented Candles – DIY Candles

Scented candles offer a great way to add a personal touch to your home. In addition to acting as lovely décor, these items can bring relaxing or rejuvenating aromas into your living spaces. Follow these steps to make your own scented candles at home.   Materials: Glass jars Metal wick collar...
News: Goose Creek Candle partners with the American Cancer Society - Goose Creek Candle

News: Goose Creek Candle partners with the American Cancer Society

Kentucky-based candle company joins the fight against cancer Goose Creek Cares campaign will donate at least $50,000 to American Cancer SocietyLOUISVILLE, Ky. (March 1, 2018) - Goose Creek Candle Company, a Liberty, Ky.-based home fragrance company, has partnered with the American Canc...
The Mysterious Bergamot - Goose Creek Candle

The Mysterious Bergamot

When I started blogging about Goose Creek Candles, I was shocked by the number of candle scents that Goose Creek sells. I have bought and burned their candles for years, so I thought I knew the majority of their scents. I had no clue. The first week I began writing about the candles, I ...
Moment in Time - Goose Creek Candle

Moment in Time

January is the perfect month to buy the “Moment in Time” candle. I love the name of this candle because it symbolizes what life is all about—moments. Our lives are paved by seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years, but the essence of each of these time markers is the beauty of the mome...