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The Mysterious Bergamot - Goose Creek Candle

The Mysterious Bergamot

When I started blogging about Goose Creek Candles, I was shocked by the number of candle scents that Goose Creek sells. I have bought and burned their candles for years, so I thought I knew the majority of their scents. I had no clue. The first week I began writing about the candles, I ...
Moment in Time - Goose Creek Candle

Moment in Time

January is the perfect month to buy the “Moment in Time” candle. I love the name of this candle because it symbolizes what life is all about—moments. Our lives are paved by seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years, but the essence of each of these time markers is the beauty of the mome...
Uniting the World with Cookies and Milk! - Goose Creek Candle

Uniting the World with Cookies and Milk!

I love the Cookies and Milk candle from Goose Creek this holiday season. Goose Creek mixes the smells of cookie dough, warm chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and finishes this delightful candle with a hint of vanilla and sweet sugar (yum)! I also adore this candle because of the holiday la...
Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Goose Creek Candle

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Although we may all remember the combination of these amazing ingredients as though they were simply made for each other, there was a time when this delectable combination was definitely not the staple it has become today. In fact, this sweet recipe was virtually unheard of.  The first known ...
Why lavender candles will turn you into a mummy! - Goose Creek Candle

Why lavender candles will turn you into a mummy!

Figuratively speaking, burning a lavender candle might just turn you into a mummy. If you're like nearly every other human in today's busy society, by Wednesday you are barely holding your eyes open counting down the days to the weekend. Sleep and more sleep is on the horizon and lazy weekend...
What to expect from our Juicy Pear candle - Goose Creek Candle

What to expect from our Juicy Pear candle

A lot can be said about a bright, juicy pear. Perhaps our favorite thing to say is how wonderful they smell. Not only are pears one of the world's most famous fruits, but they are a favorite fruity food to many. We were surprised to learn that there are over 3,000 varieties of pears grown aro...