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Moment in Time - Goose Creek Candle

Moment in Time

January is the perfect month to buy the “Moment in Time” candle. I love the name of this candle because it symbolizes what life is all about—moments. Our lives are paved by seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years, but the essence of each of these time markers is the beauty of the moments in them.

This month the Goose Creek Candle family experienced one of these beautiful, life-changing moments in time. Chuck and Tammy Meece, owners of Goose Creek Candles, became first time grandparents! Their son Micah and his lovely wife LeAnn welcomed a precious baby boy into the world. Micah and LeAnn opted not to find out the gender of the baby, so it was a true surprise to finally know whether the next “little Meece” would be a girl or a boy.

The birth of a child is monumental. It is a time of passage and growth for the parent--a time of beginning for the child. It seems as if life gets “real” the second the baby arrives, and every day after is part of the new reality. Then, the moments begin to come in continual, emotional waves—the first bath, the first smile or laugh, the first steps, the first day of school, the first date, graduation, college. Each moment marks a progression of time to be cherished and remembered.

Congratulations to Micah and LeAnn! Savor every second of this new adventure in life. One day you will reminisce on these days, and realize that they have become your precious moments in time.