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Easter Candles

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Celebratory and Memorable

The Easter holiday is filled with old and new traditions alike. Because this day often has dual meanings for many, celebrating this holiday may involve combining things you loved from past celebrations with present-day ideas, and that’s great! Goose Creek Easter candles feature strong fragrances that may remind you of specific holiday moments from your childhood, while simultaneously putting a smile on your face as you create new memories with friends and loved ones.

Each candle selection offers a unique theme that represents the holiday in various ways. Candle color and label design are also major factors in making these candles right for any type of Easter or spring gathering. They blend beautifully with decorative eggs, floral displays and place settings, but more importantly, they make your home smell just like the best Easter day ever.

Clean and Safe

At Goose Creek, we take candle safety to heart, which is why all of our candles meet International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards for safety. We guarantee that our candles and wax melts contain no harmful chemicals or banned substances. Our Easter candles are made with premium paraffin and 100% cotton wicks that are free of toxic lead. These clean-burning candles can burn for hours without accumulating messy black soot that ruins your décor or walls. For best results, allow your jar candles to form wax pools all the way to the edges and trim wicks before each use.