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Fragrant Wall Plug-Ins - Flameless Room Fresheners

Goose Creek wall plug-ins are a great way to enjoy aromatic Goose Creek scents in any room without the need for a flame. Even if you love candles, these scented plug-ins are great to have in your home to effortlessly diffuse scents into the kitchen, living room, guest room and other spaces.

Convenient and Portable

Wall plug-ins are one of the most convenient ways to infuse a room with fragrance. There is no need to find space for them on a counter, desk or tabletop because they plug right into the nearest wall outlet. You can also quickly unplug them and move them to another location, if desired.

A Variety of Fragrances

Our plug-ins are designed to diffuse our fragrances, made with premium essential oils, throughout the space. In addition to the plug-in unit, you can choose your favorite Goose Creek plug-in fragrances to refill your diffuser. We offer a wide variety of scented plug-in refills for your aromatic enjoyment. Replacing a scent is easy, and you can switch scents as often as you like. Once the wall plug-in is in place, there is no need to do anything else - it automatically releases scent all day long.

Modern Diffusers for Any Room

Our wall plug-in complements the décor in any room of your home. It is compact, sturdy and sleekly designed. They are the perfect fragrance solution for homes that have children and pets or for anyone who wants a flameless scent diffuser that is convenient and easy to use.