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Candle Buying Guide

Candle Buying Guide

Candles are a great mood-setters. They can transform any space into one of luxury and warmth. Versatile and affordable, candles offer so much when it comes to style, relaxation and self-expression. But like any accessory, choosing the right one - whether for yourself or as a gift - requires some thought. There are many different types of candles, and there are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect candle. Keep reading to find some helpful questions and answers to keep in mind when you're shopping for candles.

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What Are the Different Types of Candles?

When accessorizing your home, considering different candle shapes, candle sizes and general candle types can help you determine which candle is right for you. The most common candle types are:

  • Pillar candles. These cylindrical candles can burn free-standing because of the rigid wax that they are made of. They are usually displayed inside a hurricane lamp or on a heat-resistant plate.
  • Taper candles. These tall, slender and traditional candles are most often arranged on a dinner table with candlesticks.
  • Votive candles. These candles are small and usually cylindrical. They are commonly found on shelves, bathrooms or bedside tables. They offer a small amount of light and don't take up too much space.
  • Tea lights. Tea lights also offer a small dose of light but can have a larger impact when a number of them are used together.
  • Container candles. These candles are poured into a single vessel, usually made of glass, and come ready to light - they don't have to be put in another dish or container.

What Is the Best Material for a Candle?

The material, or the type of wax, affects how the candle burns and can alter the light cast from the candle's flame. Before choosing your perfect candle, it is important to consider which type of wax best suits your needs.

  • Paraffin wax candles are the most common type of candle. These candles burn very quickly so candle makers sometimes add additional materials to the wax to increase burn time. It is important to note that paraffin candles can be an allergen to some people.
  • Beeswax candles are slow-burning and less prone to dripping. These candles are natural products and are sometimes used by people with allergies. They have a natural honey-like smell and often are not otherwise scented.
  • Soy wax candles come from a natural and renewable resource: soybeans! Soy wax candles burn slower than paraffin candles, so they last longer. They also burn cleaner, creating less soot, and are less likely to trigger allergies than paraffin candles.

What Is the Best Color of Candlelight?

Candle color is often overlooked, but it is also important to consider. Not only does the color of the candle wax affect a candle's appearance, but it can also affect mood. Calming colors like blues and greens are best for spaces where you are looking to create a subtle shift towards relaxation. Colors like red, orange and pink are great for spaces where you are looking to make a bold statement!

In terms of the color of the candlelight itself, everyone loves the warm, distinctive glow created by candlelight. However, the amount of brightness you desire can vary. Try choosing candles with three wicks for a brighter candlelight experience, and candles with one wick for a softer glow.

What Is the Best Candle Brand?

Here at Goose Creek, we work hard to bring you the best candles you can find anywhere. We use fragrances that are IFRA approved and only use lead-free, 100% cotton wicks. Our candles are made from a sox wax blend, and they are clean burning and highly scented. Our family-owned business is committed to making candles that are long-lasting, using safe, non-toxic ingredients. Shop our wide selection of premium-quality candles today!