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If you love the inviting ambiance that candles can create in your home, why not make them last as long as possible? You might not realize it, but certain factors can actually make your candles burn away more quickly. If you want to get more hours of lovely ambiance out of your candles, be sure to use these tips for making your candles last longer.
Light it Right the First Time
The first burn is the most important one for any candle, so make sure you do it correctly. Allow the wax to melt almost to the edge of the candle before blowing out the flame. This could take at least a few hours depending on how large the candle is. Allow the wax to set completely before moving the candle.
Trim the Wick
One of the most common mistakes people make with their candles is leaving the wicks too long. Ideally, the wick should only be about a ¼-inch above the wax before you light it. If the wick is longer than that, it will cause the wax to burn too quickly.
While you should always check whether the wick needs to be trimmed before you a light a new candle for the first time, remember to keep trimming it as needed with each use. If you regularly use jar candles, invest in a wick trimmer so you can easily access the wick as the wax burns lower into the glass.
Keep Away from a Breeze
Your candle will burn faster if it’s placed in a drafty area. Don’t place your candles too close to an open window, a vent or any other area with too much moving air.
Store it Correctly
Your candles should be stored away from heat and light in order to keep them in the best condition possible. If you have long taper candles, lay them down on their sides to prevent warping. Replace lids on jar candles in between uses to keep dust off the surface. Correct storage will help your candles to last longer.
When your candles burn more slowly, you get to enjoy the beautiful ambiance and rejuvenating scents for even longer. Plus, it’s a great way to get the most bang for your buck for this type of home decor. Use these tips to enjoy each candle for as long as possible.