Peppermint Candle: My Dad’s Favorite – Goose Creek Candle

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Peppermint Candle:  My Dad’s Favorite - Goose Creek Candle

Peppermint Candle: My Dad’s Favorite

This week I received Goose Creek’s holiday samples in the mail, and it was like Christmas morning. I opened each sample, breathing in all the delicious new scents. I loved every one of them, but I knew the first scent I wanted to write about was the peppermint whip candle.
Whenever I see a peppermint stick or a candy cane, I always think of my father. He absolutely loves them. My two sisters and I always fill his Christmas stocking with so many assortments of peppermint that he spends the rest of the year trying to eat them! He rarely talks about his boyhood Christmases, but when he does reminisce about the past; my family feels almost guilty listening to the differences between our Christmases and his Christmases. My dad comes from a family of seven brothers and one sister. Times were tough, and money was scarce. Christmas trees and Christmas presents were like fairy tales or make believe. My dad’s family never had a Christmas tree when he was growing up, nor did he realize that other people had them until he saw a decorated tree at a friend’s house.
My dad says that his mother and father always tried to give his brothers and sister an apple and occasionally an orange for Christmas. He relates that he could make an orange last for an hour or two because an orange was considered such a rare treat during those days. His favorite Christmas, that he mentions from time to time, is the one that his mom and dad were able to give each of them an apple, an orange, a coin of money, and a peppermint stick. My dad felt like he had won the lottery. He would suck on that peppermint stick for days, carefully keeping the wrapper on it, and hiding it from his siblings. He wanted to savor every rare, delicious lick. Whenever he talks about his boyhood Christmases, I get emotional because he speaks about those days with such fondness. He never felt cheated; he felt blessed to be part of such a loving family—a family that appreciated an orange, and an apple, and even a peppermint stick.
Goose Creek’s Peppermint Whip candle has captured something special with this candle. They combine a base layer of whipped cream and snowflakes with a touch of candy cane swirl and candied sugar. They finish the deliciousness with a topping of sparkling peppermint and frozen vanilla. The combination of these ingredients gives the peppermint a rich and creamy coat of goodness that you will want to savor just like my dad’s peppermint stick