French Toast Wax Melt

About the product:

BurnTime: 50-80 hours\n

Wax Info: Premium Paraffin Blend\n

Style: Wax Melt

Size: 2.1oz (59g)\n

Produced: Made in the USA

Formula: Highly Scented

Wake up to the fabulous scent of fresh French toast every morning with the Goose Creek French Toast Wax Melt. This delicious aroma features a blend of scents that include melted butter, maple syrup, light cinnamon and light vanilla bean over a base fragrance of slow-roasted pecans.

Goose Creek wax melts are known for their superior ingredients that burn cleaner and last longer than other wax melts. All products are proudly made in the U.S. by a family-owned business dedicated to quality.