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Christmas Candles

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Christmas Scented Candles

Are you looking for the best Goose Creek Christmas candles for creating a festive atmosphere inside your home? Or perhaps you're looking for fragrant candles to give to others as Christmas gifts. Our selection of premium holiday candles is sure to help you find exactly what you're looking for when it comes to gift giving or setting a festive mood at home.

We offer a wide mix of relaxing, rich and inspired Christmas candle aromas made from premium soy wax that help create an inviting atmosphere in any space. Whether you want a special fragrance blend that puts everyone in the mood for a fun holiday party, or you're seeking specific types of holiday candle scents for the days leading up to Christmas as well as Christmas Day, you can find a fragrance to help you create the kind of Christmas atmosphere you're looking for.

As you browse our selection, it may not take you long to find the right candle for you, featuring a lovely Christmas candle scent that makes all of those December evenings at home feel even more cozy. These fragrances bring added enjoyment as you prepare to celebrate with family and friends. Shop this unique collection now to discover a wide variety of fragrant options for adding some festive flair to your home.

Cozy Christmas Candle Scents

What are your favorite holiday fragrances? Perhaps it's the crisp air of a fresh snowfall or the refreshing scent of a fir tree. For something rich and warm, you might go for the sweeter scent of baked goods fresh out of the oven. No matter what reminds you of the Christmas season, you'll find a fun and festive Christmas candle scent to match when you shop for holiday candle scents at Goose Creek. Our creative team is always busy creating Christmas fragrances for candles that bring the authentic spirit of the holidays to any room. And to ensure you get to enjoy these amazingly realistic fragrance blends for as long as possible, we offer plenty of holiday season candles in our 24-ounce large jar candle size. Candles in this size provide up to 150 hours of fragrant burn time!

Since the holidays are a busy season for our candle-making elves, we encourage you to grab all of the Christmas scents you love while you're here. We do our best to keep up with the demand for our most popular holiday candles, but they do sometimes sell out early!

Premium Jar Candles

While many manufacturers offer seasonal scented candles, few match the high quality and long-lasting aromas offered by our Goose Creek Christmas candles. We are proud to make our Christmas candles in the U.S. using candle-making ingredients you can trust. That means we use the highest-quality essential oils, soy wax and 100% cotton wicks. We never include harmful or banned chemicals, our cotton wicks are lead-free, and our fragrances are all IFRA-approved.

These candles made for Christmas burn cleanly and evenly to the bottom of the jar, emitting no irritants into the air and never leaving black residue on walls or ceilings. If you want the best Christmas candles to make your home even cozier during this special holiday season, be sure to find your favorite fragrances at Goose Creek.