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Goose Creek Scent List - All Fragrances

  1. Angel Food Cake Fragrance

    1 product
  2. Apple Bourbon Fragrance

    1 product
  3. Apple Cheesecake Cupcake Fragrance

    2 products
  4. Apple Pom Twister Fragrance

    8 products
  5. Aranciata Gelato Fragrance

    1 product
  6. Baby Powder Fragrance

    3 products
  7. Banana Palm Leaf Fragrance

    1 product
  8. Barbershop Fragrance

    2 products
  9. Beach Party Fragrance

    5 products
  10. Bergamot & Tea Leaves Fragrance

    1 product
  11. Black Cherry Fragrance

    3 products

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Explore Unique Candle Fragrances

There's a lot to get excited about when you shop for clearance candles that offer something uniquely different than what you may have seen elsewhere. Anything and everything inspires us to create a new, intriguing candle fragrance. This means that candles on sale here can be among those that are among our most unique to make room for still more innovative fragrances. And then there are those candle sales that feature some of our most fun creations. Also, if you're looking for a specific type of scented candle on sale, check back here at the beginning and end of a season to see if your favorite is listed.

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Goose Creek Room Spray comes in a wide variety of popular fragrances, and you can find them here for less. It's fun to have sprays on hand that can transform a room instantly from smelly to smelling so good.

At Goose Creek, we are always exploring the realm of unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating unique candle scents. If you are a big fan of candle fragrances of all types, you are going to feel right at home shopping our vast selection of scent combinations for candles. Here is where you can easily find all the fragrance types currently available for your aromatic pleasure. Everyone has their favorite type of candle smells, and many people fall in love with different smell combinations. Use this section to find specific types of fragrances such as those made with floral scented oils or those made with fruit scented oils. You can also use this fragrance guide to find candles and other products made with your favorite Goose Creek aromas.

Earthy and Floral Fragrances

Immerse yourself in all of the wonders that planet Earth has to offer with our wide variety of earthy scents and floral scents. There is so much to explore when it comes to botanical scent combinations for candles. If you're into earthy candles, you may enjoy our fragrances inspired by what you typically find in a forest setting or at a scenic park. Look for candles that include notes for trees, leaves, moss and woods. Alternatively, earthy candles can also be inspired by coastal and rural areas. As for our floral scented candles, there are plenty of fragrances that include two or more floral notes.

Fruit Fragrances

Fruit aromas are another popular category of fragrances that you may want to include in your collection. Some fruit candles focus prominently on a dominant fruit scent while others combine several fruits for overall fruitiness. Apple candles, citrus scented candles and tropical fruits are fragrances that have wide appeal.

Dessert and Sweet Treat Scents

If you're a fan of sweet candle smells, you can have fun browsing our selection of dessert and sweet treat fragrances. We offer everything from ice cream scents to cakes, donuts and cookies. This is a category where you can find fragrances that smell like the treats you know and love.