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Our large three-wick candles provide twice the intensity, giving you more of everything you love about Goose Creek scented candles in a large, three-wick candle jar.

These jars have a wider width for holding our specially scented, complex and exclusive fragrance blends. Choose your favorite, depending on your person scent preferences. Will it be a Fresh, Floral, Green or Cozy three-wick candle? Or, will you opt for our Gourmand and Edible scents, Cozy scents, Mint or Water-scented three-wick candles? Browse our delightful scented candle collection to find some of your favorite candle scents. Looking for something new and different? We have the best three-wick candles that let you discover additional fragrances that offer equally enjoyable aromatic sensations for any room in your home. Find three-wick summer candles for warm weather gatherings, BBQs and parties with three-wick candles that delight all year long.

Goose Creek three-wick candles are perfect for those who desire a more immersive aromatic experience with each use. Our large three-wick candle collection contains twice the amount of fragrance oils as is in our standard collection. By adding a third wick, we’ve increased the intensity of the heat produced by the flames, releasing twice as much concentrated fragrance into the air for your enjoyment. You may find that these candles fill your room with scent much quicker than average candles; in addition, the fragrance lingers much longer after you blow them out than standard varieties. This additional wick also creates more ambient light: an added bonus.

As with our other candle varieties, our three-wick candles burn cleanly all the way through. We also offer these candles in our soy blend wax, which contains no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. Soy wax also tends to burn cooler: this helps to create a burn time of 35-plus hours on average per 14.5-ounce three-wick candle jar. We take pride in producing candles that are eco-friendly with wicks that are 100% lead free.

The presentation of our three-wick candles is just as important as the quality of the fragrant wax, and we aim to please with our wide glass jar. This modern design is smooth, round and wide, making it easy to see the jar’s contents from all angles. The chic silver lid covers and protects your candle when it’s not in use. On our three-wick candle jar’s front, you can clearly see a square label that features one of our iconic visual designs for easy identification. If you love strong fragrances in contemporary jars, these magnificent Goose Creek jar candles make wonderful decorative accents for tables, mantles and counters.

Although Goose Creek is known for our high quality, clean-burning candles that are made with love in America, we also apply our uniquely delightful scents to our other products, too. Don’t miss our Goose Creek body care products, including our vegan body creams, all-natural moisturizing lotions and foaming hand soaps.