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Set the Mood this Valentine's Day with a Romantic Candle Gift - Goose Creek Candle

Set the Mood this Valentine's Day with a Romantic Candle Gift

Set the Mood with a Romantic Candle Gift This Valentine's Day

Scented Candles For Romance

If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for her or want to treat him to a fragrant candlelit dinner, then look no further than Goose Creek. We have tons of romantic candle scents to set the mood and keep your passion burning bright. Candles not only give off a pleasant aroma, but they also enhance the atmosphere, lending an intimate quality to any room.

The flickering candlelight gives a gentle reminder that the energy of fire is alive all around you. And let's face it, who doesn't look good in the soft glow of a candle?

Candles That Pair With Classic Valentine's Day Gifts

Why not give the gift of flowers that last far longer than a week or two? Roses are a fantastic romantic gesture, even though their beauty and aroma are fleeting. Pair them with our Pure Red Rose candle that burns clean for up to 150 hours. This highly scented candle is the perfect companion to a dozen roses. With rose petals spread out on the sheets, floating in the hot tub and glowing in the corners of the bedroom, your plus one will feel the love and desire in the air.

Red and pink roses

Get Cuddly With Someone Special This Year

Another one of our perfect Valentine's Day presents is the Cozy With You scented candle. It starts off with hints of Vanilla Bean, Amber and Cashmere. White Jasmine and Amber Petals balance it out while all these lovely scents are wrapped in Sandalwood and Sweet Cream.

It's perfect for snuggling up with your beloved, enjoying the fire as you take the time to appreciate each other in the sanctuary of your sacred space. Sometimes it's the quiet moments together that strengthen the bond the most.

Aphrodisiac Candles to Fan the Flame

If you're looking for something with a little more passion, then consider scents with Vanilla, Jasmine and Lavender to spice things up. The Comfort Vanilla and Rose Petals Candle provides an uplifting sense of love and energy to complement your feelings for each other.

A pink candle for a Valentine's Day gift

If these don't appeal, then try Cinnamon or Sandalwood. These and many more scents are perfect for engaging all the senses this Valentine's Day.

For The Man You Love

Now that we've covered Valentine's Day gifts for her, here are a few gift suggestions for that special guy in your life.

Woman giving man a gift

For something a bit more rugged, try the Leather Candle collection. He'll love that new car, new jacket smell that never gets old. Pair it with our Bourbon scented candle to complete that man cave mystique. You can find these and many more masculine aromas in our Candles For Men collection.

Celebrate In Style

Valentine's Day isn't just about quiet dinners and moody atmospheres. It's also about celebrating a successful relationship. Pop the cork and let the bubbles flow with our Champagne Bubbles candle. Raise a glass and give a toast to the one you love.

Make this Valentine's Day a special one with the unique scents and sensations of Goose Creek candles.