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Self Care is Treating Yourself to these Calming Candle Scents - Goose Creek Candle

Self Care is Treating Yourself to these Calming Candle Scents

Got your self-care routine down? Time set aside for exercise and relaxation - check. Healthy mindset - check. Health care tests scheduled - check. How about the candles? Do you have your favorite scents to elevate your downtime?

Remember that candles, and especially those made with aromatherapy oil, can really enhance your self-care routine. Not only do they add visual ambiance to your atmosphere, but they infuse the very air you breathe with scents that can relax you, energize you, help you manage stress, encourage you to sleep better, call to mind fond memories and more. Here are a few suggestions for candles to add to your self-care routine.

  • Wildflower Ginger Tea Aromatherapy Three-Wick Candle. If you're looking for a scent to help cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and leave you feeling refreshed and restored, this candle is for you. You'll enjoy the cleansing aromatic blend of tea leaves, honeysuckle, jasmine and citrus. Add to the experience by grabbing an actual cup of ginger tea. You'll feel ready to tackle the day ahead.
  • Teakwood & Lavender Large Three-Wick Candle. If you like lavender but want some additional scents layered with it, this candle is the right choice for you. It combines lavender with teakwood, fir, eucalyptus and clove, providing a rich, cleansing aroma that will relax you to the core.
  • Minted Eucalyptus Large Three-Wick Candle. This cleansing candle incorporates fresh eucalyptus and mint leaves, with lesser notes of bergamot, freesia and light woods. It's perfect for those who love the outdoors and indulge in soothing mint aromas.
  • Burlwood & Oak Three-Wick Candle. This relaxing, sage-green-colored candle includes notes of rosemary, lavender and light rose, with undertones of citrus fruits, oak moss and various woods. The soy wax blend offers a warm, somewhat musky aroma for those who prefer to avoid sweet scents. It's designed to burn clean and last a long time, so you'll get plenty of restful enjoyment out of it.