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Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

There was a time when combining the terms "modern" and "farmhouse" seemed strange. However, combining the two design aesthetics has resulted in a style that incorporates clean lines with neutral color palettes and textured materials that make homes of all kinds look amazing. If you're looking for some modern farmhouse home décor ideas, we've got some for you to consider.

Use Walls to Your Advantage

When looking for décor for your modern farmhouse, one of the things you'll need to consider is what your walls look like. In a modern farmhouse, having an accent wall covered in shiplap or even exposed brick can bring a lot of character into your home. You might consider adding some floating wood shelves to the walls so that you have space for knick-knacks, decorations and of course, candles.

The Ceiling Can Be Interesting Too

In addition to adding certain features to your walls, you can also create a modern farmhouse look with the right ceiling. Exposed beams can make your ceiling interesting, as well as give your space a modern yet traditional feel.

Add the Right Furniture

Adding a large, comfy couch to your living space will create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. At the same time, you should also have some country accent pieces that bring in a "rustic" feel. These could include reclaimed wood end tables or some wooden benches.

Choose the Right Lighting

When it comes to the lighting in your modern farmhouse home, the more interesting the fixture, the more unique you'll make your space. You don't have to choose all rustic or traditional features for your home; you can add some modern light fixtures that draw the eye and add some intriguing design elements.

Of course, you can add traditional light fixtures if you want. Just stick with one type within each room of the house so that it doesn't feel thrown together and chaotic. You'll also want to balance the rest of the room with modern features.

Find the Right Accessories

Having the right accessories is essential when it comes to creating a modern farmhouse look. While it might be tempting to buy chicken sculptures or other items that scream "farm," it won't take long for these to become outdated and feel old.

Instead, look for items that can stand the test of time. One option you might consider is the Modern Farmhouse Candles we have available. Not only do these candles come in delectable scents, but they will also complement your home's modern farmhouse décor. The white container has one word written on the outside that looks handwritten, and whether it's lit or not, it will add charm to any room of your home.

Turning Your House into a Home

You don't have to live in the country to enjoy a modern farmhouse, as this style can be applied to any space. Plus, you can make your dwelling even more cozy and comfortable by making it smell amazing. At Goose Creek, we have the fragrances you're looking for. Shop our wide selection of warm, inviting candle scents and other scented products today.