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There is nothing sweeter than nighttime rituals with your children. Two of my girls are in college, and my 12 year old is long past the, “Read me a story before I go to bed” stage. I miss those days. How many times did I read “Goodnight Moon” or the “Olivia” books—at least 1,000 times! I fondly think of those quiet moments with my babies, and cherish the giggles, the nonsense, the secrets, and the seed of love that was nurtured every night.

Bedtime stories are special, and not just because I say so. Research shows that there are numerous benefits to this nighttime ritual.

The most important benefit of bedtime reading is the parent/child bonding that occurs. Because life is often hectic, quality bonding time between parent and child is often non-existent. Sharing these end-of-the -day moments solidifies a connection of love. It is a time to talk and share. Reading about characters and scenes allows the child to voice his or her opinions and personal insights. These stories allow the parent to witness each account through their child’s eyes. Storytime opens the lines of communication and secures the connection of hearts.

Bedtime stories also help the children to comprehend and develop educational skills. When a child hears a nightly story, they begin to understand plot lines, and time, and sequence. They are able to recognize behavioral cues and dialogue. It is like little pieces of a comprehension puzzle start fitting into place in their minds.

Reading at bedtime also enhances a child’s communication skills. Since the world communicates with words, reading elevates this skill for them. Children learn how to piece sentences and conversations together. Dialogue with others becomes more confident and practiced through reading.

Another valuable asset of reading is the morals and values that are learned. Often, appropriate reading materials will teach the child how to resolve life issues and conflicts in a loving and kind manner. Moral lessons can be grasped at a young age that will guide the child to make better choices in the future.

Goose Creek’s Bedtime Stories candle celebrates the beauty of this nighttime ritual between parent and child. This candle will fill your house with hints of vanilla extract, sandalwood, and soft balsam. Goose Creek will finish this bedtime story with a layer of whipped cream, smoky campfire marshmallows, and warm vanilla bean. This candle is a bedtime story that you will want to repeat night after night.