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Marshmallows: Best Food Personality Award - Goose Creek Candle

Marshmallows: Best Food Personality Award

If best personality awards were given to foods, marshmallows would win the prize every time. Marshmallows are little bites of happy goodness that are loved by both young and old.

Over 2,000 years ago, the Egyptians discovered a mysterious plant. This plant contained a sweet sappy substance that was extracted and combined with a honey candy. The result was so delicious, the Egyptians reserved this new creation for Pharaohs and their gods.

As history proceeded, the French began extracting the same sweet, sappy substance from the marshmallow plant and combining it with egg whites and sugar. This combination produced what we now call the marshmallow. The marshmallow’s popularity was immediate. Candy makers developed a method of making marshmallows called the “starch mogul system” which uses corn starch molds to produce the marshmallow more quickly.

Doctors also found a use for the marshmallow sap. They mixed the sap with egg whites and sugar to form a hard meringue. The finished product was little candy size tablets that were sold for medicinal purposes such as sore throats, coughs, and wounds.

In 1927, the Girl’s Scouts of America found a popular use for the marshmallow. In their Girl Scout Handbook, they listed a recipe that included the marshmallow. The recipe combined marshmallows with graham crackers and chocolate bars to be roasted together. Of course, this recipe went on to become the most famous fireside recipe of all time-the s’more.

Just a few decades after the Girl Scout recipe was introduced to the world, Alex Doumak, son of the founder of Campfire Marshmallows, patented a new way of producing marshmallows. His patent was called the “Extrusion Process”. This process allowed the marshmallow mixture to be squeezed through tubes, then cute into tiny pieces and packaged quickly. Marshmallows became a beloved staple in homes around the world.

Today, marshmallows are one of the most versatile treats around. They are eaten as delicious snacks, used in cereals and recipes, and they are even used in games and craft projects.

Goose Creek has found another delicious use for the marshmallow in their newest candle scent. The marshmallow scent combines toasted vanilla crème with fluffy marshmallows and warm vanilla bean. This candle will subtly spread that marshmallow goodness throughout your home.