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Burning scented candles is usually a pleasant experience, but sometimes you may find yourself dealing with melted wax that has spilled from the holder onto a surface. Since wax hardens pretty quickly, wax removal can be challenging. Fortunately, candle wax removal isn’t difficult to do once you know various methods of getting it off the surface. The following tips make this task a lot easier to accomplish.
How to Remove Wax from Skin
Anytime you handle a candle that’s burning hot, you run the risk of getting some of the melted wax on your skin. There may even be the temptation of dipping one’s finger into the wax for kicks and giggles. Either way, getting wax off your skin (or someone else’s) can be a mildly painful experience, which is why you shouldn’t just pick it off. Instead, dip a clean cotton ball or pad in baby oil, canola oil, melted coconut oil or olive oil, saturating the cotton thoroughly.
Place the cotton over the wax spot and press down. Hold it there for 30 seconds. Gently rub the wax off with the cotton. You may need to remove remaining bits with a washcloth. Apply a mild soap to the area and wash it clean. Dry the skin with a towel and you’re good to go.

How to Remove Wax from Carpet
Using a sharp tool, scrape as much of the wax off the carpet fibers as you can. Now, you can use the warm or cold removal method.

Warm method: Place a white, lint-free cloth that’s been dampened with water over the wax. Allow an iron to reach medium heat, and then press the iron onto the cloth and hold for a short time. Wax should be attached to the cloth’s bottom. Use a cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol to remove remaining residue.

Cold method: Place a frozen ice pack over the wax and keep it there until wax freezes hard. Smash the wax with a blunt object to break it into pieces. Vacuum all the pieces.

How to Remove Wax from Clothes
Avoid making the problem worse by attempting to wipe away hot or warm wax. Let the wax harden, and then gently scrape most of it off with a sharp knife. Heat an iron to low or medium warm and place a clean cloth or towel over the wax area. Apply heat long enough to re-melt the wax, which should cling to the fabric. If there’s a stain from colored wax, soak the fabric in a solution of oxygen-based stain remover and water. Follow up by washing the item in a mild detergent.

How to Remove Wax from Glass and Painted Wall
Take care of wax stuck on glass surfaces by using the sharp object scraping method first. Next, apply heat with a blow dryer set to medium, which softens the wax. Remove residue with a cloth soaked in soapy water. To remove wax from painted walls, set a blow dryer to medium and apply heat to wax. Get rid of residue with a mixture of one-part vinegar and three parts water.

How to Get Wax Off Wood
Preserve the natural beauty of wood by applying an ice cube or frozen ice pack to the wax. Once wax hardens, scrape it off the wood using a plastic ruler or expired credit card. Remove any remaining residue with a cream-based furniture wax and a clean cloth.