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Unicorn Candy:  Scented Magic - Goose Creek Candle

Unicorn Candy: Scented Magic

Goose Creek’s Unicorn Candy candle is scented magic, and the picture on the front of the candle brings back so many memories for me. I was an 80’s child, and unicorns were a big deal back then. I had posters, stickers, notebooks, cards, and way too many stuffed animals. I even had a boyfriend buy me a marble unicorn for Christmas one year! Even though my stuffed animals are long gone, I am glad that unicorns are still popular today and many people still show interest in them.

The unicorn is a beautiful mythological creature that has engaged the imagination of people for generations. Every continent has some version of this magical creature. The appearance of the unicorn varies from culture to culture though. In Asia, for instance, the unicorn displayed a wide range of colors, while the Greek unicorn was a white, red, or black horse. The unicorn is usually a white horse that has an elongated horn extending out of its forehead. The horn is generally spiralled which allows sunlight to dance and encircle the creature.

Unlike many animals passed down through time, the unicorn is not an animal to be feared. The unicorn is viewed as a symbol of purity and goodness. The traits of this creature are gentleness and beauty.

Stories of the unicorn began over 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece. Greek travelers told amazing stories about this elusive magical creature whose horn could counteract poisons and heal diseases. According to legend, a unicorn can only be captured by a maiden, but hey are almost impossible to capture because their hooves make no sound.

Surprisingly, the unicorn is mentioned 9 times in the Bible. Only the authorized King James Bible actually uses the word “unicorn”. When the Greeks translated the Bible, they encountered the word re’em which was an extinct ox like animal. Since they did not have a comparable word in their language, they translated it to the closest word that they knew. They used the word monokeros which means one horned. Most scholars agree that the unicorn found in the Bible was probably an ox like creature or a one horned rhinoceros.

Goose Creek has created something special with their “Unicorn Candy” candle. They have mixed yummy ingredients such as wild currant, mixed berries, rock candy, and peach creme with a top layer of blue raspberry and candied sugar. The combination of these scents has formed something so enchanting, it had to be named unicorn candy. Open the lid and breath in the scented magic for yourself!

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