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Delightful Cake Candles

How do you enjoy freshly baked cake that's ready to eat without baking or buying it? You collect our delicious tasting…we mean, smelling cake themed candles. It's a fun way to indulge in some of your favorite cake flavors and remain free of excess calories. You can find everything from a cupcake candle to a black forest cake candle to a heavenly smelling angel food cake candle. Cake fragrances are also great for birthday and other special occasion parties.

Fun Cereal Candles

Remember when you got excited over having a bowl of your favorite kid's cereal? Well, you can re-create those wonderful memories whenever you wish by collecting our series of fun and colorful sugary sweet cereal candles. These candles are bursting with nostalgia and their fruity, honey-kissed and chocolate fragrant notes take you happily down memory lane.

Other Sweet Confection Candles

Are you in the mood for a realistic smelling sugar cookie candle? There are often one or more cookie candle treats to satisfy your cookie cravings. While here, you may also be happy to find sweet candles that smell like donuts, French toast, caramel corn, gelato, waffles with the works and whatever else we can whip up for your aromatic pleasure.