Butter Cookie Large Jar Candle
Bask in the scent of fresh baked goods straight from the oven with our delightful Butter Cookie candle from Goose Creek. This 24-oz. jar candle features two lead-free wicks and premium ingredients that burn cleanly and evenly to the bottom in 120-150 hours. The drool-worthy fragrance blends the aroma of...
$12.99 $27.99
Butter Cookie Wax Melt
No one can resist the alluring aroma of fresh-baked vanilla butter cookies, and this particularly holds true when the aroma comes from a Goose Creek wax melt. This highly scented Butter Cookie Wax Melt features the delicious scent of warm vanilla, melted butter and sugar crystals layered over a base...
Toasty Hot Toddy Large Jar Candle
Cuddle up in front of the fire and breathe in the relaxing and rejuvenating scent of our Toasty Hot Toddy candle from Goose Creek. This unique fragrance is particularly popular for those who want to enjoy a cozy atmosphere in the fall or winter. Our Toasty Hot Toddy scent features...
$12.99 $27.99
Toasty Hot Toddy Room Spray
Experience fragrances designed to fill your entire home!
$2.99 $7.99
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