Lavender Vanilla Fragrance

Lavender Vanilla Large Jar Candle
Some days you just want to get away from it all and escape to a place where you can freely walk through a field of flowers, uninterrupted by life’s obligations and daily stress. On those days when you want to create a calm, relaxing environment at home without leaving the...
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Lavender Vanilla Wax Melt
Tune out all of the day’s busyness and stress with the soothing aroma of our Lavender Wax Melt. This is a melt that you can always count on to bring a sense of calm and serenity into your home. Lavender flowers have a lovely purple color, which is reflected in...
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Lavender Vanilla 3-Wick Candle
Imagine strolling through a field where you see nothing but purple lavender flowers for as far as the eye can see. The flowers give you a sense of calm as you casually pluck a bunch of them from the earth, intending to bring them back home and enjoy their natural...
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