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Earthy-Goose Creek Candle

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  1. Green Grass & Apple Large 3-Wick Candle
  2. Green Sea Grass Large 3-Wick Candle

A Variety of Earthy Experiences

Goose Creek earthy candles are inspired by common experiences that make us all feel a deep connection to our earthly surroundings. Earthy candles capture a unique experience that resonates with those who enjoy having aromas that combine earth elements such as grass, moss, sand, flowers, trees and fruits in down-to-earth fragrance blends. If you enjoy the smell of grass and greenery, these candles are for you.

Large Jars with Three Wicks

Our earthy scented candles are available in large, decorative jars that provide you with three clean-burning wicks and plenty of hours of burn time. In fact, you can get over 35 hours of aromatic enjoyment from a single candle. Whether you prefer burning your earthy candles during the spring, summer, fall or winter seasons or whenever you're in the mood, your home is going to smell wonderful.

A Cool Down-to-Earth Gift

Earthy candle scents make great gifts for anyone who enjoys being outdoors among the grass, trees, birds and bees. Both men and women appreciate candles with earth-inspired aromas.