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Large Jar Candles
These 24-oz. candles are some of the largest candles offered on our site. With an impressive burn time of up to 150 hours, you’ll be able to use these candles for weeks or months without needing to replace them. Our proprietary duo-wick system with two lead-free cotton wicks helps to create an inviting glow and release enough fragrance to fill even larger spaces in your home. We use only clean, safe ingredients and IFRA-approved fragrances in our candles, so you can count on these products to burn cleanly from start to finish, leaving no black residue on your walls or ceilings. We proudly make our candles in the U.S. using no harmful ingredients or chemicals.

Beautiful Artwork
In addition to alluring scents, these products each feature unique candle art designs that are inspired by the scents they’re matched with. Whether it’s a photo of a rustic country setting or a beachside vista, you’ll love that the photo on each candle adds a decorative accent in your home. Choose from our selection of artwork candles to find a fragrance and a design that will blend in well with your existing décor.