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What to Include in Easter Baskets for Adults

What to Include in Easter Baskets for Adults

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Easter Isn't Just for Kids

Easter is a time for family and friends. Whether you're celebrating the religious aspects of the holiday, or just looking for an excuse to spend time with loved ones, Easter has something for everyone.

If you're not religious, then you may think of Easter as a holiday for children. After all, they get the candy and toys in their baskets, not to mention the egg hunts that usually relegate the adults to the sidelines.

That leaves the planning, cooking, cleaning and entertaining up to the adults. But just because you're not a kid doesn't mean you can't get any gifts for Easter.

Here are some Easter basket ideas for adults:

Generating Ideas: Easter Baskets for Adults

The first thing to consider when assembling Easter baskets for adults is their personal interests. What do they do for fun? Do they love reading, cooking or gardening? Maybe they're a bird enthusiast. If they're a sports fanatic, what are their favorite teams?

This can be a tricky approach, however, since many people are already inundated with products that reflect their interests. Be sure to know the person well enough to have an idea of what they already own before piling on more stuff they currently have too much of.

Besides focusing on their hobbies, you can take a closer look at what they do for work. Whether they're a doctor, a construction worker, a teacher, or a soldier, dig into their profession and find Easter gifts that reflect that aspect of their life.

Cater to a loved one's sweet tooth with some Easter-themed chocolates. Nothing says Easter like a chocolate bunny, egg or another symbol of the season.

When you consider the recipient's interests and activities in this way, not only will they be surprised that they're receiving a basket, but they'll be appreciative of the fact that you took the time to give them one that's filled with things they can make use of.

Whatever you decide to put in their basket, be sure to include candles that encapsulate the essence of springtime, like our Splish Splash Large Jar Candle.

What to Include in Easter Baskets for Adults

Once you've established what your Easter basket recipient is interested in, it's time to dig deeper to find specific gift ideas. If they love to cook, then find a unique silicone spatula in the shape of something they love. There are tons of novelty spatulas in the shapes of guitars, hearts, geometric shapes and animals.

You might include an alcoholic beverage, but make sure you know what type of alcohol they prefer; is it wine, beer, liquor or mixed drinks? Once you figure that out, then find out some of their favorite brands if you don't already know.

From there, you can even bump it up a notch and really get them something special. If it makes sense for the recipient, include our Bourbon Large 3-Wick Candle.


The pros at Goose Creek hope this has been a helpful and informative guide for those of you who may be struggling to put together Easter baskets for the adults in your life. With these few simple tricks, no one will be feeling left out this Easter Sunday.