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If you’re like most people, you probably burn candles in your home to create an inviting, tranquil or pleasant environment. But have you ever delved deep into what scented candles are made of? Over the course of human history, as candles have served as integral sources of light, their makeup has evolved. Until the advent of paraffin wax in 1830, candles were typically made from animal fat (tallow), whale fat, olive oil, cinnamon and beeswax. Today, what they are made of depends widely from one candle company to the next, but the most common bases are soy and paraffin wax.

At Goose Creek, we make most of our candles with premium-quality paraffin wax blends. This is one of the best candle waxes out there because it burns clean and creates a wonderful base for all the delightful oils and botanicals that can be added to the wax to create unique scents. Paraffin wax allows for long burn times and doesn’t give off any excess soot or smoke. Additionally, it won’t emit any harmful chemicals into your home, which is why it’s a top-notch pick for all sorts of decorative and aromatherapy candles that you’d want to light indoors.

For some of our richly scented three-wick candles, we use a top-quality soy wax blend to create a highly fragrant result. Like paraffin, soy-based waxes are a great option because they are natural and clean. Since it’s derived from plant-based materials — soy wax is made from soybean oil — this wax type is a clean and sustainable option. They are equally as clean-burning and safe as paraffin wax candles, and both styles are great for households with kids and pets. You can’t go wrong when you pick quality candles made with either of these waxes.

So, to go even deeper, what elements is candle wax made of? Paraffin wax in particular is made of a mix of hydrocarbon molecules with a varying number of carbon atoms that are obtained from crude oil. Therefore, the chemical composition of most wax is just carbon and hydrogen. When burned, wax mixes with the air to create heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor! Of course, these elements released by candles are all safe to breathe, so don’t worry about emitting any dangerous chemical compounds into the air when you burn your favorite candles.

Other Elements That Make a Great Candle

While the wax makes up the bulk of the candle, it’s not the only thing you should pay attention to when you’re shopping for candles. Goose Creek only uses lead-free, 100% cotton wicks, and our formulas contain only top-quality additives to create.