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Tips on Choosing a Candle Scent for a Gift

Tips on Choosing a Candle Scent for a Gift

Tips for Choosing a Candle Scent to Gift a Friend

What Is the Best Candle Scent for a Gift?

Candles are a popular gift for any occasion. They make for a perfect gift because they come in so many different scents and styles. But what's the best candle scent to give as a gift?

As you may have guessed, this is a rhetorical question, because the best candle scent to give as a gift depends on the person receiving it. If you know someone who is unusually sensitive to smells, for instance, then they might prefer something that doesn't have too strong of a scent.

If you're looking for a scent that's reminiscent of a specific holiday, like Christmas, then pine or fir would be good choices.

Many people enjoy scents that remind them of their childhood, or favorite places they've been to. Memories are deeply tied to the sense of smell, so the right candle can really bring one back to days long past.

For instance, if you and your friend always ate cotton candy at the fair when you were kids, then this Cotton Candy Large 3-Wick Candle will make them smile at the happy memories they shared with you.

Other candles are more practical. Maybe a family member hasn't been sleeping well lately. Among other things to try, a Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy 3-Wick Candle might help.

How to Choose the Right Candle Scent for Your Loved One

When it comes to unique candle gifts for friends, choosing the right ones for the people you love can be tricky. This is especially true when they already have everything they need. But there's always room for unique candle gifts featuring their favorite scents.

Do you love watching football with your dad? This Fall Kickoff Large 3-Wick Candle will put you right on the field with him. It has scents of fresh grass and warm leather to lend a more immersive feel to the game on TV.

When you're going to give a candle as a gift to a loved one, it's best to do some investigation first to get a sense of what they're interested in if you're not completely sure.

After all, it's not always obvious what to get someone, even if you know them very well. Your sister likes cats and coffee. Your brother goes to the beach every chance he gets. Use the details you know about them to find a gift that will show them they matter to you.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Candle Scents?

Scents based in nature are currently in high demand. Some of the most popular scents include lavender, vanilla, sweet orange and cinnamon.

However, the best candle scent is the one that you like the most. This is why there is such a wide variety of different scented candles available.


We at Goose Creek hope this guide provides a launch pad to get ideas off the ground and into the arms of those you cherish most. Giving a candle as a gift may not seem novel at first, but when you spend the time to choose the perfect one, you can really strike a chord.