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We design each fragrance formula to add a spark of inspiration, relaxation and rejuvenation to your day or night. For high-quality large candles made with care, order from this collection of colorful candle jars at Goose Creek.

Transform Your Space
Goose Creek is a family-owned company that’s dedicated to producing superior products. When compared to other candle companies, we put in the extra time and effort — as well as the right ingredients — necessary to craft the best candle possible, time and again. If you’ve been disappointed with lackluster candles, it’s time to experience the authentic, potent aromas of Goose Creek candles. We pride ourselves on the impressiveness of our candles. And with their double wicks and large size, these jar candles will impress you, too.

Safe, Clean-Burning Candles

At Goose Creek, all of our candles are made with safe ingredients that contain no harmful or banned chemicals. In addition, we use lead-free, 100 percent cotton wicks and IFRA-approved candle scents. This delivers a clean-burning candle that never leaves soot on your walls or ceilings. Plus, Goose Creek candles are made in the U.S. by people you can believe in, with ingredients you can trust, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Order from this collection of large scented candles to add a delightful aroma to the atmosphere inside your home.