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Body Lotion

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  1. Scarlet Apple Hydrating Body Lotion
  2. Apple Pom Twister Hydrating Body Lotion
  3. Paradise Tea Hydrating Body Lotion
  4. Sunday Drive Hydrating Body Lotion
  5. Oh Sunshine Hydrating Body Lotion
  6. Melon Picnic Hydrating Body Lotion
  7. Grape Soda Hydrating Body Lotion
  8. Limoncello Hydrating Body Lotion
  9. Rays For Days Hydrating Body Lotion
  10. Optimistic Vibes Hydrating Body Lotion
  11. Half Moon Bay Hydrating Body Lotion
  12. Sandy Toes Hydrating Body Lotion
  13. Macintosh Apple Hydrating Body Lotion
  14. Weekend Getaway Hydrating Body Lotion
  15. Wildest Dreams Hydrating Body Lotion

Unique Goose Creek Candles Lotion

Goose Creek is famous for producing some of the world's best scented candles. As you can see, we still make these candles, and they continue to grow in popularity. Over time, we began to see that people loved the idea of body lotion candles, and since we were already creating awesome fragrances that people love, we knew we could make great-smelling lotion too - and it turns out that we were right!

Many of the unique scents we come up with for our long-lasting candles smell just a great when infused into our rich and creamy body lotions. This means you have another opportunity to enjoy a favorite fragrance when you're not burning candles.

Clean, Healthy Body Lotion

We chose a different path and created a high-quality, healthy body lotion. Our Italian-made body lotions use skin-nourishing, organic almond oil to soothe and hydrate your skin, and you can feel the difference in skin health with every use.

Shop our hydrating body lotions in a wide range of fragrance types, including Gourmand and Edible scents, Fruits and Citrus scents, Fresh, Floral, Green, Woods/Exotic, Tropical-scented and Waters-scented lotion varieties. Although we have the best vegan and cruelty-free body lotions and body care items, our candles are also not-to-miss. Shop our fantastic selection of candles, wax melts, flameless fragrances and more at Goose Creek.