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Candle Magic & Rituals: Unleash the Power of Intention During a New Moon

Candle Magic & Rituals: Unleash the Power of Intention During a New Moon

Throughout the ages, candles have been a part of magical and mystical rituals of all kinds. This has a lot to do with candles having both fire and color as prime energy frequencies for communicating human intentions. And when candles are combined with new moon energy, there is a heightened sense of connectivity between the ritual participants, the candles and nature.

If you're interested in candle magic, use this candle color guide to try out different types of candle color energy. Each color has a specific meaning, which may guide you in your quest to have a deeper connection with the universe.


The color green represents abundance and growth. This means that your intentions can be focused on acquiring money or wealth. Although, abundance can also mean more of the good things you want in life. Green corresponds to growth, as in personal growth to achieve goals. Health is also associated with green candles.


Tap into creativity with this citrus color. Orange has a warm, brightness that uplifts the spirit. It's also a good choice for mending family ties and friendships when relationships become strained. It can also help attract new friends for deeper relationships.


White is a popular candle color, and it represents cleansing and purity. You can use it to leave failure and disappointment behind. White can help you visualize a fresh start.


Gold is a color that can be used to amplify any of the other colors, giving the desired intention a boost. This may mean choosing a candle jar that has gold among its colors or pairing a gold candle with a candle in another color.


Pink candles represent a pure kind of love. This love is sweet, innocent and sincere. It can be used to signify self-love, love for another or compassion.


Blue is the color of tranquility, peace and healing. It also has different meanings depending on the shade you choose. Light blue symbolizes clarity and acceptance. Dark blue shades, on the other hand, can symbolize honesty and truth.


This intensely bold color is most often associated with passion and lust. But it can also be used to signify courage, strength and protection. The variety of red candles matches the variety of ways candles in this color can be used.


Choose brown candles when you want to tap into earthiness and a desire to be more grounded. It can be used for anything dealing with home life, material things and pets. When an item is lost, you may want to light a brown candle to boost your chances of finding it.


This bright color signifies feelings of joy. Candles in this color can stimulate positive energy, and help you embrace self-love in a way that includes accepting your imperfections.


Black candles are associated with protection. It can also be a color for releasing negative energy. This powerful color is only used for specific things that you want protection from.


Purple is the most popular magical color and purple candles can represent a variety of things. At any time, a purple candle can symbolize healing, wisdom, justice, independence and dreams.