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Christmas Wish - Goose Creek Candle

Christmas Wish

Christmas is the time of year when children make their wish lists and innocently hope that everything on their list will come true. Adults may not make actual lists, but the little boy or girl inside every grown up still hold Christmas wishes. Christmas wishes vary from traditional to timeless, from funny to sad.
One survey of children’s Christmas wishes listed the top 15 best-selling toy list of all time. Some of the items on this wish list are still popular while several have faded away over time
1. Barbie
2. The yo-yo
3. The Easy-Bake Oven
4. The Radio Flyer
5. Silly Putty
6. Transformers
7. G.I. Joe
8. Hot Wheels
9. Etch-A-Sketch
10. Legos
11. Mr. Potato Head
12. Hula Hoop
13. Star Wars Action Figures
14. Rubik’s Cube
15. The Super Soaker

Let’s not forget the funny Christmas wishes…
1. $1,000,000
2. A waitress outfit
3. A Real Unicorn
4. Lava And Volcano
We all love the timeless Christmas wishes…
1. Peace on Earth
2. Love for all mankind
3. Health
4. Happiness
5. Prosperity
We feel the hurt of the sad Christmas wishes…
1. Dear Santa, I just wish I could be happy.
2. This Christmas I wish I could reach into Heaven and pull you back to my side.
3. Please bring my mommy some food for Christmas, she has been good this year
4. I wish for a toy truck or car for my brother, “he make-believes our shoes are cars and trucks.
5. I am 6 years old. I want food and an army man. Thank you, Santa. I love you.

Goose Creek’s Christmas Wish candle is a holiday must have. The base layer of frozen snowflakes and caramel cream mixes perfectly with the bright cherry and whipped cream layer. The topping of apples, oranges, peaches, and pineapple will finish off any candle lovers check list of rich, delicious scents. One sniff of this fragrant candle, and a Goose Creek Christmas Wish candle will move straight to the top of your Christmas wish list.