Easter Candles

Splish Splash Wax Melt



Remember how much you used to look forward to going outside in the rain just so you could jump and splash around in rain puddles? This wax melt brings back those treasured memories in a way that fills your home with a wonderful aromatic freshness. As a grownup, your puddle...
Breezy Tulips Wax Melt



Imagine how wonderful it would be to visit Holland and stroll along dirt paths amidst vast fields of stunningly beautiful tulips. When tulips are in full bloom, they are quite a sight to see, and their natural beauty inspired us to create this Breezy Tulips Wax Melt for your springtime...
Bunny Cupcakes Wax Melt



Fill your home with the deliciously warm aroma of our Bunny Cakes Wax Melt, a fragrance created for Easter celebrations and other occasions. If you’re a fan of our food wax melts, this one is sure to be one of your favorites. To create this special scent, we infused premium...
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Jelly Beans Wax Melt



Do you enjoy eating jelly beans during Easter? Perhaps you’re a fan of eating jelly beans all year long. If so, our fun Jelly Beans Wax Melt is a must-have for your home. We created this melt to pay homage to a classic candy enjoyed by multiple generations over decades....
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