About Us

Melvin Meece died too young to fulfill the dream of owning his own business. But with his passing, that seed came alive in his son, Chuck. Today he is living the life his father only dreamed of and passing that spirit on to his own children. From his bustling facility situated atop one of Kentucky’s many flat-topped ridges, Meece and his staff manufacture, market and sell thousands of Goose Creek candles weekly-shipping to customers around the nation and the world. Chuck tested his hand at working for himself early in life. He began a vending business right after graduating high school and spent years looking for a niche to further develop it. He found it during the late ‘90’s, as the “candle craze” was kicking off.

In an effort to add to the vending business, Chuck began producing candles from his home. But he didn’t do it alone. Chuck met his wife Tamara, in high school. Tamara knew Chuck’s desire to work for himself, so she supported his dreams of being a small business owner. While they worked side by side to pursue their hopes and dreams-a home of their own and children, Tamara dreamed of a career in teaching and went to college to earn a degree in elementary education. But as Chuck’s desire increased, Tamara realized this was a thirst that couldn’t be quenched, and the two set out together to make Chuck’s dream a reality.

The next generation of Meece entrepreneurs, sons Micah and Jordan already out of the gate; have both made successful strides within the industry. Goose Creek Candle began operations in 1997 as a sole proprietorship. At that time, they focused solely on hand poured scented candles. The company slowly developed a national marketing representative network, which now covers all the states within the continental U.S., and dozens of other countries across Europe. Today, hundreds of Goose Creek sales reps travel around the country marketing and selling Goose Creek candles. Goose Creek products can be found in thousands of retailers across the U.S. and dozens of countries across Europe.