Tumbler Candles

At Goose Creek, we care about the quality of our candles. These tumbler candles offer an exceptional experience from the first moment you light it. The dual wicks system provides a warm, inviting glow while also spreading the authentic fragrance in the room quickly and thoroughly. Premium ingredients deliver a clean burn so you can focus on the lovely aroma rather than a burning smell. And, with this sleek tumbler design, you get a scented candle that doubles as a modern decorative accent in your space. Check out our full collection of candle tumbler jars to find the perfect fragrance fit for your home.

What is a Tumbler Candle?
Our tumbler candles are one of the types of jar candles that we offer at Goose Creek. While our classic large and medium candles come in a more traditional jar with a tapered shape and matching glass lid, our tumblers have an updated, modern design that features smooth sides and a flat metal lid. It’s a sleek alternative to the classic jar candle that feels right at home on any bookshelf, counter or coffee table. And, just like our other jar candle, our tumbler candles feature inviting fragrances that we’ve formulated to be as authentic, potent and pleasant as possible. Each of these 20-oz. scented candles burns for up to 120 hours and features our proprietary duo-wick system with two lead-free cotton wicks.

Clean & Safe
We’re proud to produce all of our Goose Creek candles in the U.S. using only safe ingredients. No harmful or banned chemicals are ever included, and our fragrances are all IFRA-approved and safe for your home. You’ll get a clean burn from the top to the bottom of each tumbler jar, leaving no black residue on walls or ceilings. These special candles make a thoughtful gift for any loved one, so be sure to stock up on plenty of extras to give out for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.