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The Candle to rule them all!
Expensive, short-lasting and weak. These are the candles which tried and failed for greatness. Defeated by Goose Creek!
Always a crowd pleaser!
Our 3-Wick candles are strong, long-lasting and designed to fill large spaces with fragrance. Goose Creek, always a crowd pleaser.
Headache inducing vat?
It's time to say goodbye to those headache inducing chemical vats. Goose Creek Candles are made with the highest quality ingredients available.
Out with the old!
It's time to toss out those gross old candles. Our 3-wick candles are made with 3x the fragrance and are designed to fill any room with fragrance!
Why did I switch to Goose Creek?
I was ready for the candle that smells amazing every time, always looks great and isn't made with the harmful chemicals.
Absolutely obsessed!
People everywhere are obsessed with Goose Creek's 3-Wick candles. That's why we've been featured in the news, tv shows & movies.
Clean, healthy skincare made in Italy
Goose Creek body care products are made with only the cleanest ingredients! Experience beautiful fragrances today!
3 reasons you need Goose Creek
Goose Creek’s body care products are clean, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO & dermatologist tested. Avoid the harmful chemicals found in other products.
Lead-free candles by Goose Creek
Goose Creek 3-wick candles are strong, long-lasting, and designed to fill large spaces with fragrance. Experience why thousands have made the switch!
Yikes! Have you read the labels?
Yikes! Have you read the ingredients of your favorite lotion? Goose Creek’s body care products are clean, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO & dermatologist tested.
Customer Testimonials
"These fragrances are so strong and actually fill my whole living space. I love how authentic smelling they are. This is my new candle company of choice."
Mall lotions & harsh chemicals
Mall lotions are over priced and full of harsh chemicals. Honestly they don't even smell that great! Try Goose Creek today!
There's nothing like Goose Creek.
There's no better feeling than lighting your favorite Goose Creek candle in a freshly cleaned home! 3x the fragrance, 3x the fun!
Fragrance designed to fill the room!
"It is literally so nice because it just fills the whole room with such a great fragrance." Learn more about our strong, long-lasting 3-wick candles.
Customer Testimonials
"The fragrance fills the room quickly and they burn all the way to the bottom." Immerse yourself in new memories! 3x the fragrance 3x the fun!
Treat yourself!
Transport yourself to a walk on the beach! 3x the Fragrance 3x the Fun! Experience strong, long-lasting fragrances designed to fill your home!
Super refreshing fragrances!
"Loves to cuddle always brings a super refreshing feel to my home!" Find your favorite fragrance at our online store today!
Delightful Spring Fragrances
Spring fragrances are here! Each candle is created with premium, high-quality ingredients. Experience our unique, long-lasting fragrances.
We're the candle wizards!
Let us transport you to a magic place full of happy memories. Explore scents designed to transform your entire home.
There's more where that came from!
We're the fluffy marshmallows of scented candles. Ok, but really, visit our online store today to see our unique selection of fragrances.
Ditch the plastic. ASAP
Avoid the candles that smell like burnt plastic. Experience authentic, true to life fragrances designed to fill large spaces.
Do yourself a favor!
3x the Fragrance, 3x the Fun! Our 3-Wick candles are designed to light up a room fast! Do yourself a favor, try a unique new scent today!
3x the Fragrance, 3X the fun!
A good candle is designed to last. Goose Creek 3-Wick candles have 3x the fragrance and burn for over 35 hours. Experience a bright burst of fragrance today!
Fragrance is an art!
Each fragrance is a unique piece of art. We bring fragrance to life! Transform any space into an immersive fragrance experience.  
Welcome to our factory!
Since 1998, we've been creating unique aromas designed to transform your home. Fragrance brings memories to life and becomes the unique centerpiece of our lives.
Family owned since 1998.
Goose Creek was founded by Chuck Meece in 1998 in the small Kentucky town of Liberty. Family values and quality products, that's what we are all about.
3x the intensity!
3x the fragrance means 3x the intensity. Goose Creek keeps your home smelling better, longer! Each candle lasts up to 35 hours and is designed to fill large spaces.