Fall Candles

Create an inviting atmosphere in any space with these fall candles from Goose Creek. With the rich and relaxing smells of autumn infused throughout the room, it’s easy to enjoy that peaceful feeling so often associated with this season. If you’re missing the crunch of leaves underfoot or the smell of fresh baked goods coming out of the oven, simply light one of our premium jar candles. Don’t wait for autumn to come around to enjoy some of your favorite aromas. Indulge in the wonders of autumn at any time of the year with the popular fall fragrances in this scented candle collection.

Long-Lasting Fall Scents
At Goose Creek, our scented candles are designed to provide a more authentic aroma in order to recreate some of your favorite sensory memories. We design and create each fragrance formula to deliver stronger scents that are potent and pleasant. Each of our fall scented candles can provide hours and hours of incredible aromas that never smell smoky or burnt. Instead, our candles burn cleanly and evenly to the very bottom of every jar, leaving no waste and producing no black residue on the walls or ceilings.

The Best Fall Candles
If you’re searching for premium scented candles for fall, you’ve come to the right place. Our Goose Creek jar candles are proudly made in the U.S. using quality ingredients. We never use harmful or banned chemicals, and our fragrances are approved by the IFRA. Even our 100 percent cotton wicks are completely lead-free. These safe, clean-burning candles make the perfect fall gifts or decorative touch in your own home. Choose from our lineup of delightful fall candle scents to find the perfect fit for any space.