New Spring Candles

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Strong Spring Scents
Whether you want something sweet and fruity or fresh and floral, you’ll find it in this collection of spring candle scents. Our fragrances aren’t like those you’ll find with most other scented candles. We design our own formulas with complex blends of aromatic notes that result in more authentic, potent aromas. Each of our highly scented candles burns strong from top to bottom to deliver hours of fragrant enjoyment. The lovely aromas fill the room to create an inviting atmosphere that you and your family will love.

Safe for Your Home
Unlike many other candle companies today, we guarantee that all of our candles are made with safe ingredients. Our candles never contain any harmful or banned chemicals, and our fragrances are IFRA-approved. We also use lead-free, 100 percent cotton wicks. Our candles burn clean right down to the very bottom, releasing no toxic substances into the air and never leaving black residue on your walls or ceilings. When you choose Goose Creek, you’ll get a safe, American-made product to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Browse through our collection of spring candle scents to find the perfect fit for any space you have in mind.