Centerpiece Candles

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And, because we want you to enjoy every bit of your candle, we include four wicks, instead of the regular two. Doubling the wicks helps candles burn evenly and cleanly, two important factors when choosing attention-getting scented candles as decorative accents. Their extra-large size is also a boon for your home accent budget. Every Goose Creek centerpiece large jar candle gives you much longer burn times than regular large jar varieties. The money you save can go into picking up more of your favorite scents.
Contemporary & Elegant
Centerpieces must blend with a variety of home décor styles, which is why we put a lot of thought into candle jar design. Our classic centerpiece jar has a contemporary look that blends nicely with modern and traditional décor, giving you flexibility in creating your decorative centerpieces. These smooth glass jars feature a wide width and a curved rim. The black lid features a tiered dome and a handle top for hassle-free turning. Jar labels have a bit of artistic flair, and our label designs can help you set the mood with uplifting sentiments paired with beautiful photo images. Some artistic jars come in familiar shapes such as pumpkins, and they make elegant collectibles for seasonal and year-round display.
Selected Scents
Sumptuous fragrances are at the heart of every Goose Creek large candle centerpiece and we fill them up to the brim. Due to their large size, it’s not practical for us to offer every scent as a centerpiece. However, we’ve selected many of our much-loved scents and thoughtfully paired them with this version of our large jar candle. If you don’t see your favorite scent, we encourage you to try one of these specially selected fragrances for your holiday Christmas candles, Halloween candles, seasonal displays and other special occasion centerpieces created with scented candles.