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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Candle Scent to Gift (or keep) - Goose Creek Candle

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Candle Scent to Gift (or keep)

Scents are so important to humans. Our brains make fascinating connections between aromas, memories and emotions. A certain cologne might bring about memories of your father. The smell of cinnamon might evokes memories of mom baking a cake on a Sunday morning. Our olfactory nerves play an important role in what we think about and how we feel.

That's why scented candles are so popular. They create atmospheres conducive to good memories and feelings.

How do you choose the right candle scent for yourself or to give as a gift? Here are some tips from Goose Creek.

1. Think about your space. Where will you - or your gift recipient - put your candle? If it's a small bathroom, you probably want a lighter scent. If it's your great room, you might need something a little more powerful. Your bedroom might be a great place for a floral or outdoorsy scent, but in your kitchen, it might not go well with the smell of your dinner cooking.

2. Decide on your purpose. Scented candles can create ambiance, relax people and even make them feel a little more motivated to work. Consider the following purposes when choosing your candle scent:
  • Ambiance-inducing candles might include lavender or sandalwood. Try our Lavender Vanilla Rest Candle.
  • Odor-eliminating candles are great for bathrooms and even kitchens. For this, you might want a scent with some citrus, like Goose Creek's Mandarin Sun Candle.
  • Motivating candles for an office or workspace might include more of a vibrant aroma, like our Neroli & Citrus Candle.

3. Consider the fragrance. How candles achieve their scent is important. Standard fragrance oil candles use a perfume and other chemicals to achieve a scent. The advantage to this type of fragrance is that the types of fragrances are so varied, but the disadvantage is that these aromas often contain phthalate and parabens that can be harmful to health.

At Goose Creek, our candles are highly fragrant and made with all-natural ingredients. We use a soy wax blend with essential oils and other natural ingredients, and our candles burn clean because they don't contain the harmful chemicals that other candles might. We also use 100% lead-free cotton wicks.

4. Choose your scent preference. People tend to gravitate toward candles that evoke certain good memories. Here are a few to choose from when purchasing a scent for yourself or as a gift:
  • Fresh: This category includes citrus, herbal scents and other clean, natural aromas. Here, you might find notes of grapefruit, bergamot, eucalyptus, verbena, basil and more. Our Morning Mist or Minted Eucalyptus candles are great choices here.
  • Fruity: Love the smell of fresh apples or pomegranate? This category is for you. Check our Apple Bourbon and Watermelon Lemonade candles, just to name a couple that are sure to bring a smile to anyone who smells them.
  • Woodsy: These aromas bring the outdoors in. Think balsam fir, evergreen, sandalwood, cypress and patchouli. Our Oud and Burlwood & Oak candles are excellent favorites among our customers.
  • Sweet: If you love the smell of baked goods, choose one of these delectably scented Goose Creek candles: Butter Cookie, Blueberry Pancakes or Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle.